Desktop View Vs Mobile View


I have been creating my app for a day now and everything looks fine in the mobile or tablet view but as soon as i try to open the app in another tab it looks completely different? it also is missing most of the views i have created and the form i made doesn’t look anything like the one for mobile? it has different headers and doesn’t follow the if statements i made.

Is there a setting i need to tick or something simple i am missing?

Any help muchly apriciated,


Have you saved your changes in the app editor?

yes i’ve made multiple saves, the mobile and tablet view updates but the tab view doesn’t?

How are you opening the browser view?

Using this button in the preview part of the app editor, I’ve also tried using a direct link as in http/www.appsheet/start/{APPID}

There’s really no reason the web version should look or behave differently unless you’ve gone out of your way to make it so. Given that, I suspect some deeper cause, and recommend you engage directly on this issue. Please share what you discover back here–I’m very curious!

will do thanks i’ll let you know what they say

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so the issue was that the tab view wasn’t up to date and was running an older version number than the mobile view i had been looking at. resolved by syncing the tab view when it was open

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