Desktop View?

I have seen mention of a Desktop View in multiple posts around the forum. All I see are Mobile and Tablet view. How do you enable a desktop view?

I am trying to create an app primarily for desktop. Thing like not being able to force the side menu open all the timer is really annoying and not very Desktop UI friendly.

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It’s not possible to force the side menu open all the time.

Why not? It is really counterintuitive on desktop mode to have to open the menu all the time.

What other CMS doesn’t let you have a fixed side menu?

AppSheet is not a CMS.

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Fixed side menu is just killing the space availble to the users on the screen, so it is not making much of sense.

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How is it not a CMS? It has no other functions other than basic relational CRUD. That is exactly what a data-centric CMS is.

Most of the screen on a 16:9 monitor is wasted anyways, for most applications. It’s a terrible aspect ratio. Why can’t we have an option to set it to fixed on the desktop view? Seem pretty easy to implement.

Upgrades to desktop only experiences are said to be coming out this year. I believe a fixed side-menu was also mentioned.

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