Detail pages disappearing on scroll

I’m experiencing an issue I’ve never encounter before.
Right now my app is error free, I have a few warnings that have been there for weeks.
When I scroll on a detail page, I get about half way down the page and then the whole display disappears, and all I can see is the background. If I sync or reload the interface the page comes back.
If I edit the record I can see all of the fields and scroll in both direction. But as soon as I go back to the detail view and scroll about half way down the page, the record disappears again.

This just started happening in the last 20 minutes.


Hi, have you tried the same app with another device? Is the behavior the same?

Happens on my mobile too. It looks like the system is not picking up or creating default views for a couple of new tables I added. I’m good to add those views now and see if that resolves it.


I had created some new behaviours that were coded incorrectly. Deleted those and resolved the issue. Thanks

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Glad you were able to solve the issue!