Detail View in emulator

Hi I dont know if this is just my laptop causing this but when I am checking a detail view in the emulator , If I scroll down the view too far the top of the view with the back arrow disappears. Also if I scroll the other way the view and table data at the bottom is lost out of view.

Is this potentially a screen resolution issue where you can’t fit everything on the screen at the same time due to smaller screen size? If so, you can always zoom out in your browser some to get everything in frame. If you’re using Chrome, the shortcut Ctrl - (Mac: ⌘ and -) will zoom out and Ctrl + (Mac: ⌘ and +) to zoom in while Ctrl 0 (Mac: Command + 0) will bring you back to 100% zoom. Is this what you’re looking for?

Also, please be aware that if you are trying to hide your email, it is still very visible in the images you shared.

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