[Detail View]Inline list views should respect 'No Headings' display mode

Hi Everyone,

Currently, when user sets the display mode to ‘No Headings’, inline lists will still display headings. A fix will be released to make the behavior consistent in all cases.
Some of them might see this change depending on their app configuration.

This option can be found here:

  1. Select the view
  2. Scroll down to ‘View Options’
  3. Select ‘Display Mode’ as needed.

When Display mode is set to ‘Normal’, headings will be displayed as shown in the image below:
Screen Shot 2021-05-12 at 11.33.02 PM

When Display Mode is set to ‘No Headings’, detail view will not show headings for all fields.
Screen Shot 2021-05-12 at 11.33.28 PM