Detail view on desktop is too skinny

I just received one of the newer UX updates for desktop views, and I gotta say… it seems like you shaved at least an inch off the width of the detail view.

Looks like 2/3 of the screen is wasted.

  • Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice being able to see a cool background image and all… Small crazy green guy

Even on a dashboard there’s enough waste to mention

  • All measurements specific to my computer screen; but since it’s a pretty standard sized screen, I imagine others see the same.

Yes, it was on the new UI deployed to free account at first, but I noticed the same has recently arrived to our acount (biz plan). Hope this will be addressed during the upcoming UI overhaul projects.




Been receiving complaints from researchers from Columbia University about this, along with doctors from a telehealth provider client of mine.

It’s ridiculous that I have to scroll right to see other stuff on the table, when there’s an inch of wasted space of each side! Please make the table wider again!

  • Direct quote from a client email

We’ll be reverting the width of the detail view with the next deployment. More info here.


Great! Would request a way to adjust the width of form and detail view as some applications require multiple wide inline tables this does not look good always. @Arthur_Rallu