Detail View - Rolling Back Changes to its Width

Hi everyone,

We started making changes to the UI of AppSheet apps last year. One of them changed the Detail View in multiple ways. In particular, it reduced its width.
In short, we’ll be rolling the Detail View width back with the next deployment. Other changes to the Detail View will stay though.

Now, a little bit of explaining.

We got some pushback. Every time we increased the rollout, we heard the feedback and the various issues, including the one about the width of the Detail View. It doesn’t leverage the real estate properly on desktop, and therefore requires more scrolling to see the data. We revisited our initial decision and increased the width to match the one for the Form View in January. Since then, we’ve revisited these decisions twice and decided to stick to this last configuration.
So what changed in our thinking? First, we thought we’d be able to soon deliver a desktop-version of the Detail View and that it would therefore be temporary. This desktop-version would better leverage the real estate on large screens and not have just one column. It’s taking us longer than we anticipated. Second, as we’ve segmented some of the work on that desktop-version of the Detail View, there will still be a need for a Detail View with a single column - for instance in a Dashboard View.

So we’re rolling this back with the next deployment to everyone who is already seeing the new UI (100% of Free customers and 75% of Paying customers). That’s the only thing that changes. Please let us know if you start seeing issues related to that.

Thank you


Thats really great!

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I’d like to report an issue that is related to the width of the detail view:

Indented.2021-04-28 14_57_47

As you can see, the “About this menu” heading gets indented a little as the window gets wider. I’m wondering about this.

The “About this menu” heading is a “show” column:

In a smartphone, with the somewhat more narrow screen, this heading is always flush with the left margin. Did AppSheet intend for it to be indented like this on a wider screen? If not, I’ll wait for the bug to be fixed. If it is intentional, then I think I might want to avoid this method of using the show column because I don’t really like the way it looks.