Detail View showing half screen

On detail view we are getting half a screen to chow the information. Then after 10 or so seconds the whole screen shows. See gif
Anyone seen this before or know why?
It’s happening on all the devices they are using, which are Honeywell CT50 or CT60 and also tested on Zebra TC20 (I think)

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Thanks Simon - this seems like a bug. Would you mind sending this issue to our support at with this information and the name of the app this is happening for?


Thanks. I’ve emailed, but forgot to say the apps, so will also send that now :slight_smile:

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I’m having the same issue on my application. Only seems to go away when you sync. Have you heard back on the cause of the bug?

They’re having a look at it. Glad it’s not just us.
What devices is it happening on?
Is it after the keyboard comes up, then when it goes away the screen stays the same?

Christian, I encourage you to contact to report your experience as well.

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Correct, once the keyboard goes does. Half then screen losses the data and they have to scroll. We use Kyocera Dura Force Pro and Samsungs A20’s. Both are experiencing the same issue.

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Thanks, I did yesterday. They are looking into it.


I believe we’ve found the source of the problem in a recent regression causing the detail view UI to no longer update on resize events. This particular symptom is probably due to the mobile keyboard causing the view to shrink. We’re working on getting a fix out as soon as possible.



Thanks Adam!

Our apps are having this issue again.
Are yours?
I’ll contact support by email.

@Adam we also have this problem since 2 or 3 days with Samsung Galaxy S10e.