Detail Views: Space-Saving Trick to Display Columns Horizontally

Detail Views show all the columns stacked vertically, which leaves a lot of wasted screen space.

Make certain columns display in a horizontal list by creating a slice, and a virtual column:

  1. Add slice, select the columns you want, also add the Key column.

  2. Add a Virtual Column: REF_ROWS(“SliceName”,“KeyColumnName”)
    this relates every record back to itself, with the child being the new slice with limited columns

  3. Replace the individual columns on the detail view with the new virtual column.
    11%20AM 02%20AM

This also creates horizontal dividers in the Detail View and can be used to separate sections.


That’s a very nice idea. Thank you very much @GreenFlux.


You’re welcome! You can also hide the VIEW button, since it doesn’t really apply with this approach.

In the UX/Localize section, just rename VIEW to “” when CONTEXT(“View”)=‘View Name’

However, the (1) remains.


Cool, this looks like something that could help me, TYTYTY!!!
I have a Meetings App to schedule Meetings, each meeting will have 15 Roles for Members. I need to compactly display a simple/succinct “Next 3 Meetings” view that shows the next 3 meetings Date & their Roles. See Example below. I am building a Google Doc Template to Workflow email this out to Members, but I would like to also be able to display this inside the App, similar to how my Template image below is laid out. I don’t need the table squares to appear like in my Template image, just the data. I am using a table inside my Template Doc to keep everything lined up nice-nice. I think that you are doing something like this with your brilliant Trick here. The display advantage that I want is that I can only display the Role Name once, down the left hand side, and not for every single Role displayed. This is the only way that I can keep all Roles on one Page in my Template email. I think this view in my App will mainly be viewed on a Desktop, but conserving space on Device screen is just as important as in the Template Doc. Nobody wants a 3 page Report when all data could easily appear in one Page if Smartly formatted.
**And, slightly related, I have not yet figured out how to pull the future Meeting Date 2 & 3 & future Role data into my Workflow template, or into a View inside the App. It’s gotta be possible, if you know how to do that, I need it, please & TYTY!!

Yes. You just need to use <<Start: >> and <<End>>
<<Start: Filter("TableName", condition-that-will-get-you-the-next-3-meetings)>>
<<Greeter>> <<Atendance taker>> <<...other stuff...>>

If you get the filter condition correct, it will iterate over all the records that fulfill that condition and do whatever you put between the Start and End tags for each of those records.

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OK great! TYTY! I’ve already used this <<Start: <> in an Order/Order Detail App, so I should be able to translate to this. Thanks bro!

This is super slick, thank you!

I’ve got the slice and VC setup as you’ve described and it appears to be working! That being said, for some reason only the values are showing on my Detail page and not the column headers (in your example, ‘Status’ | ‘Deadline’ | ‘Total’). In my image below, the values are represented with ‘1’, ‘2’, ‘3’, that I am hoping I can get to show with qualifying column names above them. Any thoughts?

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UX>Options>Table View> Show column headers

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I’m clearly new here. :man_shrugging:

Thank you my friend. That (obviously) worked like a charm!