Details view (primal ) --> inline view --> de...

(tsuji koichi) #1

Details view (primal ) --> inline view --> detail view for inline item --> back to Details view (primal)

I have details view with relatively large amount of independent line view items, those inline views are set as Table view.

To see the details of inline items, click target line item and then users are brought to details view for inline item.

After examining here, go back to detail view (prior view), then we are always go back to the top of this view rather than particular part of inline item.

This cause problem, as we need to keep scrolling down to view all of the inline view items.

Is there any mechanism available to bring us back from inline details view to primal (prior) details view page’s exact location where this line item sits rather than brought back to the top of the page?

(Grant Stead) #2

Not that I know of.

(tsuji koichi) #3

@Grant_Stead thanks Grant, then I need to bring up to feature request.

(Grant Stead) #4

@tsuji_koichi I’ve considered it before as well. However, maybe you can consider a different workflow for your user… Maybe an interactive dashboard would be great here

(tsuji koichi) #5

Yeah, I actually made interactive dashboard view in my app. All the view contains tons of text, make the view silly. And also we have multiple dashboard items as well, so each views are squeezed to little size , makes it difficult to read the content ( mostly texts). So interactive dashboard is not helping much on this particular case unfortunately.

(Grant Stead) #6

@tsuji_koichi well. Sounds like your data might be structured weird… I hope you can figure it out.

(tsuji koichi) #7

Yeah, it is little complicated, but I m following you, sharpening up interactive dashboard view by changing sizes of all element to look better. Thank you again!