Determine user read an article

I have a table of story any user can write and read articles in a story ux. Is there any way to have a column of this article read/viewed by?



Hi @Steve how to achieve this, could you please explain or give an example?

I forgot to comeback to this topic after I got the solution. Here the steps:

  1. Make a column [Counter] with the type number
  2. Create an Action-1 to do Data: set the values of some columns in this row, and Set the [Counter] with new value [Counter]+1
  3. Create an Action-2 to do App: go to another view within this app, with the Target set to Detail View of the Article
  4. Create an Action-3 to do Grouped: execute a sequence of actions, to execute Action-1 and Action-2

In my case I use Card View and Action-3 set on-click as “Read More”, in Deck or Table View in the Behavior set Event Actions when Row Selected chose to execute Action-3.


Nicely done!!!