Developers making money?

Hi Everyone,

I hesitated before making this post but though it time to compare notes. This is to all of you who have tried making a business out of developing AppSheet Apps. Has anyone been successful?

I have been using AppSheet for several years and am pretty adept at most things here now. (there are many of you here of course who blow me away with your abilities i.e. Alexi and Multitech-Visions, etc.) I have developed many apps for personal usage and even a comprehensive CRM for my other business where I do estimating, contact management, invocing and receivables. I love AppSheet and could sit here creating Apps all day LOL.

But I have basically no success in convincing others that my Apps can improve their business workflows. I have tried selling CRM, inventory control, inspection apps, etc, etc. It reminds me of another business I used to own where the cost and effort of customer acquisition was just too high. Im dismayed.

So, are there any of you with success stories or tips that you could share with me publicly or privately. At this point I am ready to pack it in and only use AppSheet for personal needs.

Thanks for everytning


Hi Glenn,

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Hey @Glenn_Thorne ,

Don’t give up hope just yet! I had the same struggle at first, trying to explain/sell AppSheet to clients. But lately, I’m seeing jobs posted where the client is specifically requesting experienced AppSheet dev’s-- some even looking for full time developers.

A few tips to help you get started:

  • Stand out by developing your niche; AppSheet + ?
    • target a certain industry (engineering, finance, etc)
    • learn a popular API, in-depth (Shopify, Square, eBay)
    • learn some other integration platform Integromat, Zapier, etc
    • apply to the developer/partner program for the other platforms
  • Build an online presence outside of whatever freelancer platform you use
    • include links in your proposals, with samples of your work, website, etc

You might also want to consider looking for a developer position with an agency. That way you don’t have to deal with the sales end.


Thanks for the good advice. I am interested in API and Zapier but have yet to find good introductory tutorials or example resources for this. If you can point me in the right direction that would be great.

I will certainly be taking your other advice. I’ve already joined your slack channel. Awesome.



To add to the hope, I just want to expand upon this:

Indeed they are.
As knowledge about AppSheet expands into the business world, fueled by their acquisition by Google, this has brought AppSheet’s potential into the view of Big Business. Companies like Facebook, Twitter, Amazon (just to name the big ones - not to mention the dozens (hundreds???) of “Large” companies interested, as well as the thousands of smaller companies) are all just starting to learn about this little platform called AppSheet. partyparrot (Appsheet)

And they need a SME like you