Developing a Fitness app for Coaches and their Clients - hit a brick wall

Hi there - Im fairly new to AppSheet and loving the power of the platform - I’ve just hit a brick wall with my knowledge and I suspect my architecture - I’m working with the Pro Plan.

In summary Coaches will configure an exercise schedule and nutrition plan for a client and use a ‘coach’ dashboard to track and further tune the programme for their client.

Clients will use the app (and client dashboard) to update a daily tracker form, a weekly tracker form, daily food photos, body stats form and finally capture weekly body photos + a client dashboard.

I have been working on this project using Appsheet for over two weeks and have a working (limited functionality) beta version of the above but as it is my first time using the platform I have taken it as far as I can go - hence my post

Here are the areas Im struggling with.

Client Names - As most of my pilot users are using Google to sign in I’m not capturing the user name - only their email - I was thinking about creating a Client Table that is populated by an admin when a client is on boarded - the first column would be Client ID (Key) followed by First Name, Surname, email, Coach - this table is then then referenced from (currently my architecture is all flat - ie no children tables) my Daily, Weekly, Nutrition, Photos tables

  • when a user populates for example a daily form how do I then auto populate the user name in the Daily table as I currently only capture email? - ie how do I Iink the email address in the Daily table to the Name in the Client table?

Would by adding this Client parent table and referencing children Daily, Weekly, Nutrition, Photos tables work - and would this help with my Coach Dashboard when a coach just wants to search their own clients?

(Ive not asked about how to add the Coach / Client layer relationship in this post as prob to much to ask in one go.

Happy to share screen shots if it helps

Thank you


Hi, without seeing your app it’s hard to determine exactly what you are trying to do, however if I have read this right you may want to try the following.

  1. Create the Client Names Table
  2. In the table that generates the Daily Forms set the email column to Ref the Client Names table, you also might want to set the initial value to USEREMAIL().
  3. Once this is done create a Virtual Column with the following formula: [Email].[First Name]

If you require the first and last names together create a virtual column called Full Name in the Client Names table with the following formula: CONCATENATE([First Name], [Last Name]) and use this instead of [First Name] for Step 3.

Hope this helps and apologies if this isn’t what you were looking for haha!

Hi James - thank you for your speedy reply - much appreciated.

I’ll give it a go and let you know :slight_smile:

I’d be more than happy to take a look when I’m back at my desktop tomorrow I live in the UK btw so may be some delay in replies depending on where you live!

Great stuff - Im UK as well (Knutsford, Cheshire) - I’ll aim to pull something together and ping it over tomorrow midday

Thanks again

Morning James,

Its a bit frosty out there this morning!

Q. What would be the best way to share the appsheet app with you ? - once done might be an idea if we have a call when you are clear so I can give you a little background if thats ok?


UK here :wink:

bowker’s solution is :+1:

You can pass data from a parent to child very easy by using virtual columns with the formula
eg: [ref Column].[the column you need from the parent table]

You can keep it hiden if you don’t need it and pass it further to a “granchild” if needed or just use it for a condition.