Development of Risk Assessment - COVID19 App, Bolivia

Hi everyone,

I’m Fernando López from Bolivia, in my country like everywhere, we’re trying to contribute to the control of this pandemic.
The idea was originated in a volunteer group of people of Health area to try make a Risk Evaluation of the citizens. The app is oriented to the final user, the citizen, who will register in a “very simple form” made by the health proffesionals, to calculate the risk that this person implies and depending the result it will be contacted directly to health volunteers or to a near hospital. We are creating a database of medical volunteers with geolocation.

We’re planning to use a PUBLIC APP, so no login is required. Some of the additional requirements are:

  • Register GPS location (most accurate, better)
  • A MySQL database, to store all collected data (We hope to have more than 2 million records, I don’t have too much experience in database, Some suggestions? Could be a google cloud MySql? or another database provider?)
  • We need to publish the app on both stores: Playstore and Appstore (Don’t have experience in deploying the app to app store for iOS, I appreciate the help in this step)

I appreciate any contribution or suggestion, I think that no matter the knowledge area we are, always we can contribute to our society, especially now that the terrible circunstances had joined us much more.

Well thanks appsheet team, and let’s go to work…

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Hi Fernando. I might be able to help you here.

You can reach me at

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Thank you very much @Jonathon .
I’ll apprciate your help. I will write to your mail.
A question do you work on a MAC computer? Do you have an apple developer account?
My email is

Hello Fernando,

We’ve just finished building such an app, as well as the risk scoring algorithms and workflow management tool to allocate the high risk reports to health workers for here in South Africa. You can see an overview of it and demo videos here:

I think it could really help you make something amazing very quickly!

Let me know if you’d like to discuss.


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