Device User Settings like any other Table

In ALL of our apps we use a user settings table, and provide a single row slice of that table as a “Personal User Settings” Table (or “My User Settings” type thing).

We use this “Personal User Settings” table extensively throughout the app, and can refer to or write to any of the settings (each column provides for a setting, or value to refer to) quickly and simply by referring to ANY(Personal User Settings[Setting Column X or Y etc]):

Use Cases:
Eg. To write values to it with actions that can be used to create filter conditions for various slices.
Eg. To set personal preferences for notifications, alerts etc
Eg. To hold a ‘temporary’ value such as the key of a particular row of another table to be referred to

Writing values to the Personal User Settings table is sending data to the server (adding to the number of often queued sync changes). (The horrific red-badged number that sometimes diminishes quickly, sometimes very slowly).

Why we do it:
Because it’s not currently possible to set values in the on-device User Settings table by way of action. The only way is by navigating away from the current view (or place of interest) and opening up the User Settings form, making a change manually, saving that change, then finally returning to view of interest. It also does then not allow for any use in grouped actions, or workflows (bots).

Feature Request:
Is it possible (or too much work) to provide the on-device User Settings table as a selectable table like any other server-side table? This would enable the rich filtering and complex table selections that we currently need, without unnecessary data traffic to server, without the dreaded sync badge building up, and provide for a much much better UX.

As usual, AppSheet is fantastic and very powerful (if you can think it, you can pretty much do it). If not too difficult this feature request would probably be my most desired and most instrumental benefit creator…

Please vote team!

Thanks for reading.

Like… the 14th request for this over the years.

  • Maybe now it will work!?