Device won't reset changes

I’m using a galaxy tab a6 to run my app.
It’s not a particularly fast device, I’ve had an error on it causing multiple entries to not sync. There’s a decent amount of data that wasn’t synced. I’ve used “show changes” to send the data away via email and now I’d like to delete all the changes. (Or force the changes to push through anyway which I swear used to be a feature)
But using reset changes doesn’t seem to do anything at all. Any ideas? I’ve tried restarting the app and hitting it multiple times but no go.

If that button doesn’t do anything and the data is still in your device as unsynced, best option is then reinstall the Appsheet app in your device.

I ended up deleting the apps cache which did nothing and then I deleted the apps data located in the app manager. This worked. Thanks @Aleksi

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Glad you were able to solve the issue!