Devices loose settings

I’m experiencing some problems with settings configuration.
My apps requires Google account in white list to connect.
In the settings configuration i save information like year to work, counter, adress to send emails, and some information to automatize work user.
Many devices, i don’t know when and how, loose data settings and the reports, workflows and slices in the app don’t work.
I’m experiencing this problem with Android and iOS devices and can’t find whats happening.

Thanks for your help
Toni Conde

Hi, when you are talking about “setting configuration”, do you mean Usersettings in the hamburger menu?

Yes Alexi, right there.
the data recorded in usersettings was erased automatically, and i don’t find how
It could be for a “cleaner” software in devices ?

Does your app need authentication?

Yes Aleksi, with Google Account

Let’s see what our device expert will find…

Thanks @Aleksi

Hi Aleksi, have you got any answer about why devices loose usersettings information ?

Thanks and regards
Toni Conde
Doni Software

Have you seen this with the editor? Normally when you save the new app version, it will clear your Usersettings.

Hi @Doni_Nvrro have you found the reason why some devices loose the UserSettings?