Diagnostics covering OK button on About view

That seems like a code refresh problem. Looks like you are running some old code. Could you try to kill and restart your AppSheet app.

Hi @praveen I did a kill and restart and also uninstall and reinstall . Neither made any difference.

Hi @Lynn, did you uninstall Appsheet itself, or just the app? I think unfortunately this might require uninstalling and reinstalling Appsheet, not just the specific app where you’re experiencing the issue. Let me know if you’ve tried this, and if it worked.

Hi @morgan I uninstalled Appsheet from my phone and downloaded it again from play store. It was still the same.

Ok, thanks @Lynn. I’m going to do some more investigations. If possible, could you try the app on another device? I’m curious if it’s only on your device. Also, are you using an iOS device or Android?


Hi @Lynn, I figured out the issue and published a fix. You should see it resolved when we deploy - likely by the end of the day tomorrow.



Thanks that will be great.

I am experiencing the same issue. I will monitor to see if it is corrected also.

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