Dialema - Updating a column a Refrences Row after Deleting the row doing the referncing

This is a tricky one.

I have a workflow and set of actions that update a column in a referenced table. Works fine for additions and updates.

However, I want to blank out the column in the referenced table row when the row in the referencing table gets deleted.

I guess the expression (shown below) to kick off the update from the row being deleted no longer has the reference, and therefore cannot kick off the update to blank the column out.

SELECT(Items[Item ID], [Item ID] = [_THISROW].[Item ID])

Blank the references before deleting the row–which means either not using a workflow, or implement the deletion in some other way. You could, for instance, mark the row to be deleted somehow, trigger the workflow on the addition of that marker, blank the references, the delete the row.

Alternatively, simply blank any column that doesn’t reference an existing row. Any time a deletion occurs, scan the table for columns that return blank when dereferenced for [_ROWNUMBER] and blank any such columns:


If [Item ID].[_ROWNUMBER] returns blank, the reference is bad.