Dialog box or reminder?

Is there a way to get a form to pop up a dialog box or some sort of message as a reminder to a user? I have some very non-tech savvy users and they could never remember to update the date on their audits when they did them, so I made it automatic. Now, if someone goes in and “looks” at their audit in between auditing sessions (which they really shouldn’t do, but I can’t stop them), the date changes and it looks like they did an audit when they didn’t. There’s no way to make these guys pay attention to what they’re doing and think about it, so I need the app to prompt them with a reminder to either change the date, or ask them if they want to change the date, or something like that. It needs to be “auto pilot” proof.

I thought about making the date go blank and then requiring a response every time, but that would create havoc because then they’d go in and forget what the date was or put the wrong one in, which would be worse than the issue I have now.

Not really.

I’d suggest leaving the column blank, but use a Suggested values expression to suggest the current date/time.

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How can I make a date field stay blank until a date is put into it?



Don’t give it an Initial value?


It appears that the different date fields automatically populate opon opening of the file.



Appsheet seems to automatically generate an initial value for Date/Time columns with an expression of ‘NOW()’. You will need to specifically go into the column settings for each table with Date type columns and remove the initial value expression for those columns that you do not want this behavior.