Difference in syncing options The explanatio...

(Lauro de Freitas) #1

Difference in syncing options

The explanation for the Delayed Sync option is: “Only sync when user presses the sync button, instead of syncing after every change”

But isnt there some overlap here with Automatic Updates option? Ie, if Delayed Sync is turned off then doesnt this “automatically send changes the user makes as they occur”?

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2


Delayed Sync enabled is a pre-requisite for Automatic Updates

(Lauro de Freitas) #3

Sorry for pestering @praveen on this, but my confusion stills stands.

If Automatic Updates is

ON, then I assume all changes, made by any user, will there in the backend and propagated to every user inside 30 minutes. Isnt this effectively the same as leaving the Delayed Sync button OFF? If Automatic Updates is OFF, I understand that to mean the user that made a change has to press the sync button to save it to the backend and a different user has to press sync to get those changes. Which is the same as having Delayed Sync option ON?

These options appear, from their descriptions, to be mutually exclusive, but I guess thats how I interpret them.

Please an you clarify!?