Different event action for deck view

Hello there,

I have a primary deck view with 10 decks. What I want to do is have different event actions for only 2 of the decks.

In other words…

At the moment the 10 decks upon tab go to view “ABC”

What I want to do is upon tab make 8 decks go to view “ABC” and only 2 decks go to view “XYZ”.

Is that possible?


Yes it’s possible. Create an action with below expression, set its prominence to “Do not display” and assign this action as the row selected property


Hi @LeventK

Thanks heaps for the prompt reply!

What should be the type of action. I assume it would be “App: got to a different view within this app”?

Just confirming


That’s correct.

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I tried using your expression! It’s a great expression, but I am still not able to achieve what I want.

The LINKTOVIEW is not working for Ref Views. It is working only for Primary views.

Let me explain

When I tap on deck#1-8, it goes to a Ref View “ABC” and I want to make deck 9 and 10 go to another Ref View “XYZ”.



Thanks for the reply @Steve.

Are you suggesting I replace LINKTOVIEW with LINKTOROW in the expression suggested by @LeventK?

Many thanks

LINKTOROW() expression takes you to a Detail View of a specific row
LINKTOVIEW() expression takes you to a UX View you specify

Can you elaborate what do you mean with Ref View?

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Hi @LeventK. I was able to solve my issue by replacing LINKTOVIEW with LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW in your expression.

All good now.

Thanks for your kind help!


You’re welcome

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