Different Key but with the same name?

How do i make a table that has different key - but with the same name? The reason is that my company has names for their locations. They actually give them a number. I am using the key “Location number” as the actual key. However, i am getting two of the Names “Location Name” in my app. See below:


I’m not understand. Can you show with the problem with the app?

You are probably talking about the label value when choosing the location from a dropdown. If you have two locations with the same name (with dofferent key value), there is no way to show them separately with the label value. You should probably change the location name slightly.

I’m sorry. I actually want them to show as the same - not separately.


OK, I’ve got it.
Try this:
Create a Virtual Column with this formula:
=[Key] & " - " & [Location]
And set this Virtual Column as LABEL

Hope it helps

[key] & " - " & [location]


Nothing changed - I made this virtual column my LABEL.

i am still doing something wrong