Differentiating between Submitted by and Edited By

Use case: I have a form that can be initiated by a non-admin user (which should be marked as the Submitted By user), and that can be reviewed and saved by an admin user (which should be tagged as the Reviewed By)

I’m currently using the useremail() formula to capture the user that submits a form, but that means that when an admin user reviews a form and resubmits it, the Submitted By field changes to the last user to submit the form. Is it possible to capture the initial user that initiates a form, and the last user to review it in separate fields?

Thanks in advance

For the Submitted By column:

  • Set Initial value to the expression:


For the Reviewed By column:

  • Set Initial value to:


    replacing table with the name of the table.

  • Enable Reset on edit?.


Excellent, thank you so much Steve!

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