Direct data updates to Google Sheet not visible in UX

Hi! I’m creating a referral app. It’s simple. I have 1 table with 9 columns:

  • id
  • referringfullname
  • referringemail
  • referringmobile
  • referredfullname
  • referredemail
  • referredmobile
  • referralstatus - updated manually by me directly in Google Sheet
  • referralcount - updated manually by me directly in Google Sheet

I created a table view where the logged in user can check their referral status.

For some reason, the last 2 columns (referralstatus, referralcount) do not show in my Table view. I can however see all the columns when I go to the Slice and click on View Data (see below).

Desired Behavior - Show all columns in the Table view including referralstatus and referralcount.


It appears the screen isn’t wide enough to display the other columns. Perhaps try scrolling to the right?