Direct URL Image content

hi there, i want to use direct URL for image content-type on one of my app,
because the image is not on public, so that the user should connect into intranet/VPN to access the image.

can the appsheet just directly render url provided for my image content?


Only image URL which is NOT privately hosted are displayed within Appsheet.
Image url is needed to be published so that we are able to reach out to image file.
All in all, short answer is it is not possible technically speaking.


thanks for the reply,

how about this url:

it was accessible directly via browser using public internet connection
and it was fine (shown in app) for about 3 months ago

but when i add into appsheet image column, it didnt show the image,
when i inspect the element from browser, the url became :

when i open it directly from browser, it says Unsupported image mime type
note: i didnt have the backend control over the website/source

is there a way to fix and to show the image?

I m not sure how to fix this, I would suggest you post a support request to support desk formally.