Disable "Add" but enable edit if row is already filled with entry data


I know there are similar use case or questions for this. Basically, what we want is for the user to initially “Add” a data. or initially meaning “New” data.

Then after it gets filled in, disable the “Add” button.

I know, we can used the “key” features but the users are reporting it as bug as the “Add button” was there rather than it being edited directly.




Hey @Iggy_Villanueva, welcome to the community.

First: you might check out the following post; it’s full of tons of helpful tips to help you get stared with using the community to find answers.

To answer your question

  • Two parts to this:

    1. Hide the “Add” action under the inline view

      • You’ll need to hide the system-generated “Add” action
      • Create a replacement action with LinkToForm()
    2. Take over the “view event action” for when the record is tapped in the inline table

      • Make this the “Edit” action instead of “Auto”

-----| Table of Contents |-----
0:00 - Intro
0:45 - Answer begin
1:45 - View event action - EDIT
3:13 - Hide an inline-view’s (ADD) button
4:54 - New conditional (ADD) button
7:15 - Pushing parent REF into child-record
9:29 - Conditionally hide action base on child-records

I found this post after I made that video.

  • That post is nearly 2 years old now. wow!
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Oh my, My heartfelt gratitude for this one. I am literally in joy and awe as you created a video specifically for my inquiry.

This truly means a lot to us amateurs, and I am looking more to improve and be active in this community.


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