Disable back arrow

Unless I’m mistaken, we cannot disable to back arrow. On my app, there is at least one “detail” view where disabling of the back arrow would have the following advantages:

  • Prevent or discourage the user from returning to the previous view, which would display data that has become outdated as a result of the user’s last action.
  • Display the hamburger menu bars in the spot where the arrow would be, enabling easier navigation to other menus.

If I am mistaken and it is already possible to do what I am thinking of, please let me know. I’ve tried to look through previous discussions but was unable to find this question.

No, we don’t have that option. If we would have, it would be just a theoretical benefit because you can do the same with the device’s back button.


OK. Thanks! But, as I wrote, there would be one more benefit: immediate access to the hamburger menu.

That’s true

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This issue makes my app not usable because I lose the corresponding status.

It is not a theoretical benefit. It is a usability issue. Having the Back button on the app is an invitation for the user to use it. Very bad usability.

The Back button on the device is only visible in a browser not in the app. People are used to seeing the back button on the browser and know very well that it is not part of the app navigation.

Saying this is a theoretical benefit tells me you are not a UX expert.


Yes, I’m losing some data in the actual form, because when the user clicks on it, id doesn´t ask if they are sure to go out like in the “Cancel” button, So they lost the information in the form

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