Disable Filter condition in a slice

Hi there!

My question is “How do you intentionally disable the filter in case of a condition is false?”

I’m looking forward to seeing the data not filtered if don’t select any value from another table.

I have a data table and a filter table. Whenever I click on a color the filter works beautifully but if I don’t select any color the data is not shown.

IF(ISNOTBLANK([filter_Color]), ANY(Filter[Data_Color]) = [Data_Color], “Here’s where I would like to see all colors”)

I have already read a few articles about slices but I’ve not been lucky so far… I have tried words like: False, No, auto. But they don’t seem to work.

Thanks for reading and contribute to this thread.

You FILTER() expression is semantically not correct.


Either of the following should do what you want:

IF(ISNOTBLANK([filter_Color]), ANY(Filter[Data_Color]) = [Data_Color], TRUE)


OR(ISBLANK([filter_Color]), ANY(Filter[Data_Color]) = [Data_Color])