Disable "interactive mode" on Dashboard "per view" basis


In a simple dashboard use case where we place minimal number of the views, for instance, one Deck view plus table view, most of the case is appsheet user will interact with “deck view” to employ that view as “filter” the rest of table, i.e. table view based on the selection. Turning on the “interactive mode” enable this.
But to view the listed item in table view on detail view, we need to place another “Detail view” for table view list item to “interact”.

Without detail view, hitting one line item on table view is going to filter deck view, as it is “two ways” interactions. I understand this is expected behavior.

However, to stay dashboard clean, there are case, I dont want (and my user does not neither) not to place detail view in the dashboard. In this simple use case, if we have option “disable interactive mode” per view basis, assuming to apply such option to table view, select row will not filter rest of view (deck), but back to original behavior, i.e. open up the row as detail view.

For the moment, I m placing inline action in the table view. So on the dashboard, user hit icon then prompted to detail view once they select item from table view in the dashboard, which is working fine. But assuming the feature to disable interact mode per view within dashboard setting, it could make the interaction to one way, and give more richer experiences I believe.

Thank you for consideration as always.