Disable map details on Dashboard

I am making a dashboard view that among others contain a map, a table and a detail view.

When I click an entry, the details pops up in both the map and the detail view - is there a way to disable this on the map, since I already have a separate detail view on the dashboard?

At the moment, I do not think there is a way to “hide” that detail view. That might be a good Feature request to submit.

However, you can control what is shown by creating your own view for the datasource that is shown.

If you are on a mobile phone device, the map view relies on a Deck view to show details. If you create a Deck view for the same datasource (table or slice) shown on the map, AppSheet will pick that to use instead of the default.

If on a tablet or a desktop/laptop, I believe you can do the same thing with a Detail view - creating your own that the map uses and then you can change what details are shown.

Images showing affect of changes in custom Deck view used by Map


You can create 2 Deck views: One for Browser (empty: no information, no actions) and one for Mobile.
Set the Show if of the Browser to CONTEXT("Host")="Browser".
And the Show if of the Mobile to CONTEXT("Host")="Device".
Because I think with mobile you would like to see the Deck View in the map.


I saw that the Map View sometimes opens a Detail View and sometimes a Deck View, when you click on a Pin. So I tested a little bit. It depends on the Sice of the Browser Window.
But if you like that the Map always opens a Deck view when clicking on a Pin:

  • Your Dashboard should have at least 3 views in it
  • The Map view has to be “Tall”
  • The other 2 views can be Tall or Large or Small

A couple of years later and I’m still trying to find a fix for this. Without using a dashboard view, I’m trying to modify the “pop up” detail view that shows up on a table or browser when clicking on an icon. It appears to be a system generated view but no where to modify. It’s not showing the correct row for the image I want displayed.

Yes this is the system generated detail view. You can modify it. If your map is based on a slice, you have to edit the slice’s detail view.

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Thank You!

Found it as you said. Was able to modify the system generated view.