Disable repeat user authentication


I’m making an app that allows users to enter API keys for another program through an AppSheet frontend. Each user is assigned a unique user ID through UNIQUEID() on first signup and are required to enter API keys for the program as shown here (I’ve blacked out potentially sensitive info):

After they sign up and submit their keys, their profile appears like so

We would still like allow users to edit their keys, and as such, they can edit them using the “edit” button on this deck view, but we would not like users to sign in again using the “+” symbol at the bottom. This is because clicking on this generates an entirely new “identifier” variable for the same user which is not ideal for our system.

Is there any way to remove the “+” button after the first sign-in to ensure only updates to their keys, or a way to keep the identifier the same across multiple “sign-ups”?

If it helps, the table that stores user information and the keys is set currently to adds and updates.


Capture USEREMAIL() in another column of the same table.
Then in the show_if condition for the system-generated Add action, enter an expression like:

ISBLANK( FILTER( table , [email column] = USEREMAIL() ) )

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Thanks, this worked perfectly! :slight_smile: