Disable Slide Transition Between Pages

Hello, is it possible to remove/disable transition effect/animation between pages?

Thank you!

In the detail view settings, please disable slideshow mode as shown in the picture below

UX – > View – > Detail View Name – > Slideshow Mode


Hi, Thanks for your reply Mr.@Suvrutt_Gurjar

But it’s not what I’m really looking for.
What I’m looking for is there any possibility for us to disable the whole slide transition effect inside the appsheet.

I know it’s very good for mobile experiences.
But in the desktop mode, might be due to the bigger screen/display, the repetitive moving effect of the whole part/pages in the screen, more often make my app users feel uncomfortable to move from one page to another.

Regards :slight_smile:

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If I understand your requirement correctly, you are looking for the transition effect when the view is changing from A to B, B to C.
Appsheet default transition effect is new view is sliding in from right hand side.
If you want to change this behavior, then you need to throw feature request, as you dont have options to change it over to something else, like fade-in/out etc.


Hi Mr. @tsuji_koichi
Thanks for your reply.
Yes, you do understand my question correctly.

Okay, I’ll try to throw feature request according to that specific behavior.

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