Disabled invalid workflow prevents the app from saving


Does it make sense that a disabled invalid workflow rule prevent the app from being saved?

What makes you think that’s happening?

Hi @Steve
It seems you have never experienced any red flags in this context.

Hi @Steve

I am sorry. I might have overstated with my title.

The app seems to be saved be it does not load.

Is this really a good think?

I am certain I have experienced this. If you are disabling it that implies you intend to use it later, so should it be fixed now or later? Its really a matter of preference. AppSheet chose to enforce fixing it now.

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Hi Paul,

When you disable a workflow rule, we should bypass the normal workflow validation rules.
If you later enable the workflow rule, we should enforce all of the normal workflow validation rules.

We were already doing this with respect to attachment and body template validation.
We should be doing this for the entire rule.

If testing goes well, this change will be released on Wednesday or Thursday of this week.


Hi @Phil

Sounds good!