Disabling Selected Option from One Enum List In Another

Hi everyone,

I’m pretty new to Appsheet and I’ve been making great strides so far with the available resources. I am currently trying to create two ENUM fields that will populate two columns of data; “Source” and “Destination”.

The options in both will be similar; A,B,C,D…and so forth. I would like to have the option selected in the “Source” field disabled in the “Destination” field and vice versa.

I.e. If option “A” is selected in the “Source” field, then the available options in the “Destination” field should be “B,C,D…”. Basically everything except what was selected in the “Source” field.

I want this to work both ways, i.e. the user can start by selecting an option for either the “source” or “destination” and the alternate field will automatically limit the options available based on the users initial selection.

Lastly, I am using a stacked input mode so I would like the disabled option to be visible to the user, but for them to be unable to select it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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I think there’s something I am failing to do. I have used the syntax;

Table1[Transfers] - [Destination] to get the enum options for “Source”


Table1[Transfers] - [Source] to get the enum options for the “Destination”

Yet I am still able to select the same option for “Source” and “Destination” which is what I want to have dynamically disabled based on what is selected in either field. I.e. “Source” and “Destination” cannot be the same.

If it offers any clarification, both fields are set to enum and are pulling values from the same range in the source data.


Table1[Transfers] - LIST([Destination])


Table1[Transfers] - LIST[Source])
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It works, thanks a bunch.

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