Disabling Syncing Screen

Is there any way to hide the “Syncing the app” screen every time a change occurs?


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is there any other way without User having to press the sync button?

Any other way to what? Sync?

yes sync without showing the “Syncing the app” and automatically after user changes a value

“Delayed sync” does just that, it will passively sync after changes are made, without the user needing to see the “sync” screen, it just takes some time just like normal syncs, and the user can press the refresh button to force a sync at any time.


Actually, Automatic updates (included in the pic above) is what sends user data changes to the server in the background without an explicit sync.

“Sync” is an overloaded term. There are actually three parts to a complete sync:

  1. Send changes made in the app to the server. These are the changes the app user has made. These pending uploads are reflected by the number in a red circle over the app’s sync button. The user’s changes are not available to other users until this step completes.

  2. Update the app itself. This ensures the user’s device or browser is running the very latest version of the app configuration saved in the app editor.

  3. Receive changes from the server. These data include changes other users have sent, the recalculated values of virtual columns, and any data updates made by bots.

When you click the sync button or otherwise force a sync, you’re performing all three of the above steps. When you enable Automatic updates, step (1) will occur automatically anytime the user makes a data change, and step (3) will occur automatically after step (1) completes. With Automatic updates, step (2) does not happen as part of it. Automatic updates performing step (3) is why you may have noticed other data in the app changing spontaneously a few moments after you made some data changes yourself.


I would like to add that from my experience, although limited, the sync animation does not appear when both sync delayed and automatic update are ON. The app syncs itself, although with a delay, maybe you didn’t have the patience to wait and pressed the button before.