Disappearing margins in portfolio

Has this problem been reported already? I can understand how the margin might need to change relative to the size of the window but complete removal of the margin looks ugly.

margin.2021-01-24 15_44_09

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I posted this but didn’t get a response. I’m posting again today because I think it’s very ugly. I first noticed the problem on my portfolio page (see gif above) but today I found that the same issue comes up on the pages for individual sample apps:

It does NOT, however, happen on most of the main pages in the AppSheet platform:

Screen Shot 2021-03-20 at 18.24.37

I hope this can be fixed.

P.S. It’s not just my app. Official AppSheet sample apps look like this too:

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Just because of this.
Could be fixed swiftly.


Thanks @tsuji_koichi ! I didn’t look at the code but I assumed it was not exactly rocket science. Now that you have identified the problem, it should be just that much easier for me to get the good people at AppSheet to fix this. I’ll write to support@appsheet.com soon.

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Thanks Kirk. Yes better to report to support, and root cause is quite obvious.
Just push 40px as padding. One min job, hopefully.


Thanks guys. I will report this:-)