Display a random error message when invalid value is entered

Invalid Error Messages USUALLY tell the user Why the data is wrong, or suggest a correct input.

This Tip is more fun, than functional. :smiley:

It could be used to add character to your app, or maybe even in creating a turn-based game (dice role).

Using the Column’s Invalid value error setting, enter a SWITCH() expression with RANDBETWEEN() to select the random error phrase.

0,"You're not even trying. 😢",
1,"You can do better than that.",
2,"Is that your final answer?",
3,"PEBKAC Error ⌨️🙃🪑",
5,"⭕️ I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that.",
6,"Here we go again! 🤦",
8,"Yeah, uh... I don't think that's gonna work.",
"Default Response")

Screen Shot 2020-08-05 at 9.03.33 PM

IF the column has any kind of validation or expected format AND the input does not match, one of the values will be randomly selected and displayed.

NOTE: In this example, the Valid_If expression ensures the value is unique.
The value entered is unique, but still failing validation because the TYPE is set to Number, and the input is Text.

Invalid Type OR Value will trigger the error message.


You’re right, that is fun!

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LINKTOFORM(“View”, “Column” RANDBETWEEN() ) could be a dice-roll.

I think we could build a turn-based game. I just don’t know which game to try. :thinking:

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