Display a View in a PDF report

I have a view in a dashboard that displays some count data in a table-like format. I would like to have that view (the table like format) go into a report that is sent out on a schedule. Is it possible to have a view be put in a report? If so, how? My sense is that I would need to re-create the elements of the view in the report, as opposed to being able to have the view be put in the report.


Thanks. When I add the <<SNAPSHOT(LINKTOVIEW(“MyView”))>> to the report, the report does not show the picture. Rather, it shows “url2png” which is a hyperlink to the picture. I would like the picture embedded in the report. Interestingly, if I put the snapshot in the body of the email, the picture shows up in the email, but not in the pdf.

For a single report, do all the linktoview snapshots have to come from the same table? Or can you show views from different tables in the same report?

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I suspect this is a bug. Please contact support@appsheet.com for help with this.