Display an Image Gallery from an EnumList column

Hi Everybody,
I’m a newbie. I’m discovering Appsheet.
I have understand the whole concept but I still have difficulties working with List

I have a “Products” database with an “Image_Lists” column type EnumList containing references (ex : 797638b0 , c0f5d55c, 12gf25fg) to another database (Images) containing the list of images (id, name, url)

I would like to display this EnumList as an image gallery in the details view of my products ?

That’s seems very easy, but I really don’t know how to do this ?

Can you help me ?


A Gallery view, as with all aggregate views, works over a number of separate records. An EnumList is a List of values inside a single record.

It sounds like your images are individual records. So maybe try to copy the key values of the records in the EnumList, into a Virtual Column, of List type. Then have a Ref-prominence Gallery view setup for the Images table, and it might show up as the Inline view for your VC.


OK, I’m starting to understand the process
I created a VC type List in “Products” database.
But I really don’t know how to copy my EnumList “Image_Lists” to the VC List ?
I need a formula, but what formula ?

Thanks you

Possibly just [Images_Lists]

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