Display an image in a form after barcode scan

Hi, my first time here. Started playing around with the inventory management app to customize one for my business.

In one the the view (“Add stock”) I can scan the barcode which will be display after successful scan. Then I have to adjust the purchase quantity.

what I want to achieve here, is to display the image of the product after successful scan so my employee can validate that it is the right “sku”. FYI, all the image links are populated already in the “Products list” table.


One way is a Show/Image column with the content…
LOOKUP([_THISROW].[BARCODE],“Products”,“BarCode”,“Image”) This will show you the product’s image when the barcode is filled.


Thanks, works perfectly

Though if you have relationship between these tables and the Barcode is a Ref column, you could use a formula like [Barcode].[Image]