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(Kyle Grieb) #1

Display Column Contents with Action View

Am I missing something? Trying to display an address column contents in a table view with (or without, disabled) an action but all I can get is an icon or no icon. System generated action set to inline shows no text, etcetera.

What I would like is to show_if=Context(“View”)=“TView”, having no action associated with the column and only showing for one particular case.

(GreenFluxLLC) #2

I asked a similar question a while back, regarding an App Formula where I wanted to use the name of the current layout in an IF condition. I was told that the layout names were not accessible in the Expression Builder- or at least they weren’t at the time. I hope this feature gets added.

Alternatively, you could create a virtual column with the App Formula =[Address]. Then you’ll have two versions of the same data column.

Format one with the icon and one without.


I spoke too soon! They have added a CONTEXT() feature!


(Kyle Grieb) #3

I might have had a typo. Tried Show_If=CONTEXT(“View”)=“Name”, and is only viewed where the conditional is true.

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #4

One caveat — the table view has to decide on its tabular structure across all the rows at one shot. The Show_If conditions are meant to be applied row-by-row. So they are useful to conditionally hide or show things in forms and detail views, but not in a tabular view. For what you are doing, I’d recommend one of the following:

*) explicitly exclude the columns via the table view definition

*) create a slice that excludes some of the columns and set up the table view on the slice instead of the table