Display Currency Symbol with Slider

Appsheet lets you use sliders with the price column and select the currency symbol but doesn’t display it on the slider. I have and options to show sliders for either numbers or price, it would be helpful if the currency symbol could be displayed somehow.

Yes, as per my understanding currently one may not be able to apply format rules to the slider control.

I have created a feature request for that purpose. I request you and other community colleagues to suitably upvote it.

Hi @Taylor_Felt2

On a side note, I believe the slider control is best utilized if total number of steps (or resolution) that it can have is restricted to say 100 values. ( Say numbers 1- 100 in steps of 1 or 1-1000 in steps of 10) Beyond this, if the user has to select from a very wide range, the user may find it difficult to set a specific value because even slight movement of slider can change the value by a many digits. So if user has to set say 671 out of 1000 possible values , I believe it will be difficult for the user. So from UX point of view, it may be avoidable.


Yea, that makes sense. It almost seems like this could be done as a format rule with an icon.

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