Display data based on user input

Hi Team,
I have a scenario like this . excel sheet as data source ( roll numbers of students, name ,class, date of join ) etc as peripheral details.Its a 300 student data list. Now i i want a form in which roll number alone cane be submitted and the subsequent form should display all the peripheral data realted to the Roll number keyed in by the user.
i maintained a data table and filter table .but confused how to proceed further.

See if this sample app helps you - I followed this example to create a few filtered views that are created when the user fills out a form to select the criteria: https://www.appsheet.com/samples/This-app-shows-how-to-filter-your-data-using-a-form?appGuidString=c6859960-6635-4cdd-b0ac-92a42fbb3a71


I am also looking forward the answer to this question. If possible, a sample on how to create Appsheet for this question.