Display different text for File column in email notification

Hi Community,

I have an application with a File column ex. <<[DOCREVIEWED]>>where the user will upload a final reviewed document then the application will send an email to a specific recipient with the link. I am having a problem with showing a different text in the email notification.

I tried Hyperlink but the URL is still visible. ex. email body is shown below.

Dear User,

This is to inform you that the final reviewed contract has been uploaded by LCG <<NOW()>>.
Reviewed Contract: HYPERLINK("<<[DOCREVIEWED]>>", “FILE”)

You help will be greatly appreciated.

change to:


Hi @Marc_Dillon ,

Tried this but I get an error saying HYPERLINK has invalid inputs.

‘RequesterNotif’ task ‘NotifyRequesterFinal’ Body template. Expression ‘HYPERLINK([ATTACHMENT10], “FILE”)’ is invalid due to: HYPERLINK has invalid inputs.

A File column is not a URL. To build the public URL you need to replicate that template/gettablefileurl that you see there. Read this doc for more info (near the bottom)

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