Display formats? So, I have a few oddities b...

(David Hopkins) #1

Display formats?

So, I have a few oddities but don’t really know and can’t find a solution for these.

Year(Today()) returns 2,018 …

rather than 2018 Month(Today()) returns 1 … and I can’t find any way to make it January.

Is there some Format(string, format) style function that I can use that I seem to be missing?

(Chris Hutton) #2

Are these separate columns? Your Year one is probably a number type, so if you make ShowThousandsSeparator = false in the definitions, that should fix it. For the Month, maybe try making it a Date or DateTime type, but I’m not sure that will help. Otherwise, you can convert it if you have to with IF functions. There is probably a simpler answer that someone can offer.

(David Hopkins) #3

@Chris_Hutton For the Months display here is my work around… https://plus.google.com/+DavidHopkins4355398/posts/5d2JoeDhBpw

Im going to look for the ShowthousandsSeparator setting now… Thanks for the response.

(David Hopkins) #4

@David_Hopkins for the Year… here is the line that I’m using in the template:

Payments by Student in <<Year(Today())-1>>

and it displays as:

Payments by Student in 2,017

I’m not sure where I’d set ShowThousandsSeparator for that, since it’s a system function, and not actually from a field.

(Philip Garrett) #5


For year try:


You will need to translate the month number into a month name. Try:

SWITCH(MONTH(TODAY()), 1, “Jan”, 2, “Feb”, 3, “Mar”, 4, “Apr”, 5, “May”, 6, “Jun”, 7, “Jul”, 8, “Aug”, 9, “Sept”, 10, “Oct”, 11, “Nov”, “Dec”)

(David Hopkins) #6

@Philip_Garrett_Appsh On Point again Philip!

Thank You…

the concat did the trick… and I like the switch function too… i’ll be using that a lot.