Display issue with many-to-many

Hi folks,

I found @Steve’s old post about how to create many-to-many relationships using join tables and then showing them directly (bypassing join table entries) using SELECT() expressions, which has worked from a data perspective. However, in the Details view, the nested list shows it has one or two items, and then displays all of the items instead of the one or two that apply.

Any ideas why the Details display is showing more than it should?

Please post a screenshot of the configuration screen for the virtual column with the App formula expression that implements the SELECT() of the child rows. Please include everything in the screen down to and including the entire Type Details section.

Please also post a screenshot of the complete SELECT() expression.


Thanks Steve. I’m not sure I’m giving you exactly what you’re asking for, I can’t find Type Details, but this is what I can find for the virtual column (this is on the Groups table):

I’ll also include the Test/ Table Data page. It shows the IDs I expect, and those match the counts from my original screenshot, so the list data seem to be correct. It’s just the display of the items that’s not filtering.

For posterity, I was able to reach the engineering team and learned that this is a bug. However, a simpler expression actually does work! For example, instead of:

  Group Items[Equipment ID],
  ([_THISROW].[Id] = [Group Id])

an expression that does work is:

[Group Items][Equipment ID]