[Display List of image] Hello, I want to dis...

(Jungah An) #1

[Display List of image]

Hello, I want to display a list of image which is from last month on class table . It works beautifully with Text list but not with images. The formula below gives me only like Class_Img


, CLASS::Class_Images/00-13-07.Img.071825.png , CLASS::Class_Images/16-16-19.Img.071725.png ,


Can you help me out to display images instead of the name of images?

=SELECT(Class[Correction],AND([Student_ID]=[_THISROW].[Student_ID],MONTH([Date])=MONTH(EOMONTH(TODAY(), -1))))

(Tony Fader) #2

@Jungah_An Can you make sure that your column is set to the correct type (i.e. Image type)?

(Jungah An) #3

Yes It is list of

img type

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

It seems that it won’t work with EnumList field. If you use Enum, it will work correctly.

(Jungah An) #5

Thank you for helping but here is an error message that I get when I change list into enum

Column Name ‘Class_Img’ in Schema ‘Report_Schema’ of Column Type ‘Enum’ has an invalid app formula ‘=SELECT(Class[Img],AND([Student_ID]=[_THISROW].[Student_ID],MONTH([Date])=MONTH(EOMONTH(TODAY(), -1))))’. The type of the app formula ‘List’ does not match the column type 'Enum.MORE INFOGO TO THE PROBLEM

(Aleksi Alkio) #6

You should use this formula in Valid_If, not in App formula if you want to have a dropdown list.

(Jungah An) #7

I want images to be directly displayed. Not

dropdown list format.

This time I used Lookup formula

=LOOKUP([_THISROW].[Student_ID], “Class”, “Student_ID”, “Img”)

It looks like I wrote it right but nothing appears. I want multiple images to be automatically displayed

(Jungah An) #8