Display message when user clicks on a data field

I have a form where Admin users can edit the values in the Users table, my table - not User Settings.

I want to present a message when the admin clicks on the User Email field to ask them if they really want to change this value? The field is pre-populated with the email captured when the user added himself to the app’s user table.

Is there any way to trigger an action when the admin clicks on that field? In my old days with MS Access you could capture this.

I undertstand comparing _Before and _After won’t work because the _After only happens after the save event runs and the data source is updated.

Thanks for any ideas.

If this form is only for changing the email then you can put a confirm in your action that leads to the form.
If that’s not the case, you can make a table that holds the changes before they actually get updated in the Users table and if they change the User Email, on save of the form you can take them to a different page where you force them to confirm the changes then they get sent to the user table. Kinda of a make your own sync table method.

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Thanks @Austin_Lambeth. It’s the second case, the email will probably never have to be changed and the other data rarely changed. In my case, I might just go with Admin user training since there will be so few Admins. But I’ll make note of your suggestion if I need to implement this method.

Could also add something like this. I have a virtual column under my real column that is a notification that I use to show my users that there is an issue with this field. This is better than the invalid message from what I have found because they are larger and easier to control. Could add “This email was captured when the user signed up. Be sure when changing” or something.


I like that. How is it called to be displayed?

This column has ISBLANK([INVOICE Number]) in its show if field and the display name is " ". To display this in a form you’ll definitely need a slice to re-arrange the column order. Can set the show if to be CONTEXT(“VIEWTYPE”)=“FORM” so it only shows in forms.