Display Name: possible to sum current view?

I have a table view list of projects with amounts, grouped by Quarter>Month>Week.

Is it possible to write an expression that totals only the current view amounts in the Display Name?

Something Like this:
SUM(SELECT(Projects[Actuals], [Actuals]=CurrentView))

It would need to be dynamic in that the Display Name total would reflect only the qtr/mo/week being viewed.

Thanks in advance for your time!

I don’t think so. Expressions have no awareness of the currently-displayed grouping.

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@Neal_MF_Harper Are you able to take a printscreen from that situation and where do you want to sum those values?


Table groups with Quarter > Month > Week as seen in snapshots, I’m looking to total the [ACTUALS] amount for each group in the display name header. I can get the over all total to display but cannot determine a way to filter it down by month/week. I’m afraid Steve may be right, any work around suggestions?


Actually it’s doable with three virtual columns. Not a “light” way, but doable. Instead of using aggregate value, you could show the virtual column with the sum. For example the VirtualQuarter column could have an appformula [QUARTER]&" $"&SUM(SELECT(Table[ACTUALS],[QUARTER]=[_THISROW].[QUARTER])). The string would be the same for all records that has the same quarter value and then it will group it. The same with Month and Week.


Thanks for the idea, looking forward to trying it out!

You’re welcome